Yesovens electric combination oven (11 x 1/1 GN) Mood

13,900.00 лв.


Product description

The Italian company Yesovens convection ovens are designed specifically for commercial kitchens and are designed to fry or defrost large quantities of food.

• Dimensions: 850x890x1170mm
• Input Power: 17kW/380-415V/3N; 50/60 Hz
• Capacity 11 x 1/1 GN
• Space between trays 70mm
• Opening the door to the right
• Temperature: 30 – 280 °C
• Steam, hot air, combi-streaming
• Settable ventilation speeds 3 + pulse speed with automatic inversion of fans rotation
• Thermal Needle
• Possibility to save up to 5 cooking phases per program
• Multi-function digital display with YesClima function
• Automatic washing system with monocomponent YesClean (4+1 cycles)
• Retractable shower included
• Weight: 127kg


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