Система против кражби Amersec CLASSIC 30

2,100.00 лв.


AMERSEC - Shoplifting Prevention Systems

Система против кражби Amersec CLASSIC 30

Full-featured, powerful RF (radio-frequency) system is focused on strong detection of adhesive labels, reliability, and flexibility. 

The CLASSIC pedestals prove that an economical solution does not mean sacrificing performance or quality. The slim and space-saving design is ideal for stores that require only label/tag detection, without additional integrated features.

The CLASSIC 30 OPEN is antenna with modern design which aesthetically does not disturb store environment but is durable enough to withstand a high traffic environment.

The system is supplied as EASYDET DUAL system which is reliable and proven system  and is suitable for most environments and has excellent resistance to challenging environments and other article surveillance systems.

System specification

Operating frequency  3.25–8.2 MHz
Sweep frequency 164 Hz
Power 24 VDC
Consumption  25 W


Height 152.5 cm
Width 29.4 cm
Depth 5.2 cm
Advertisement panel (h × w) x
Weight 5.3 kg


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