Баркод скенер Datalogic DS5100

4,096.00 лв.


Баркод скенер Datalogic DS5100

Mid-Range Scanners

High performance, powerful industrial laser scanning for mid-range applications in Manufacturing

DS5100 is a flexible, powerful, and compact laser scanner providing a cost-effective solution to satisfy identification needs in Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other Manufacturing applications. The DS5100 offers a complete portfolio including medium range models as well as linear or oscillating mirror models with excellent reading performance. The DS6400 industrial laser barcode scanner includes the new Step-a-Head™ feature with a reading range from 300 to 2,500 mm / 11.8 to 98.1 inches, new FLASH™ dynamic focus, advanced decoder with code reconstruction capability (ACR4), display and keyboard, new GENIUS™ software configurator and PackTrack™ functions. The DS6400 model is a high performing and advanced laser scanner.

1:DS5100-2400 LONG RANGE,PNET DS5100-2400 LONG RANGE,PNET…-5470,00лв.

2:DS5100-1305 MEDIUM RANGE,ETH,S DS5100-1305 MEDIUM RANGE,ETH,SUBZERO…-5100,00лв

3:DS5100-1320 Medium Range with Ethernet connection.DS5100 Series is the new flexible, powerful and compact laser scanner family. The DS5100 is a cost effective solution satisfying the main identification needs of Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceut IA DS5100-1320 MEDIUM RANGE,ETH,OM-5040,00 лв.

4:DS5100-1300 Medium Range with Ethernet IA DS5100-1300 MEDIUM RANGE,ETH…-4320,00лв.



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