Баркод скенер Datalogic AV900

27,100.00 лв.


Баркод скенер Datalogic AV900

Datalogic 938000105 -AV900-257W, 25mm, f/7, WHITE

With a powerful 9 MP CMOS sensor, the AV900 provides users with 60% additional coverage compared to the widely used 5 MP cameras. Putting this into perspective for wide areas, users can achieve the same coverage from three AV900 cameras as five 5 MP cameras. Images are captured in HD quality and can be saved in multiple formats for video coding and OCR.

The AV900 is capable of continuously capturing very high-resolution images up to 32 frames per second. Datalogic’s patented PackTrack technology is instrumental in ensuring top performance even at reduced gaps between items, without any risk of mis-assignments. All your data will be captured, even with your conveyor loaded at maximum capacity.


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