Система против кражби Amersec Mono-40X

2,450.00 лв.


AMERSEC - Shoplifting Prevention Systems

Powerful RF (Radio-Frequency) system designed to operate as a strong and reliable single antenna, but also in two or more antenna configurations. With excellent detection of adhesive labels and hard tags the systems are ideal for supermarkets, hypermarkets, fashion stores and boutiques.

The modern aluminum frame design of the PROFI pedestal, with space for advertisement banners, is aesthetically appealing yet durable enough to withstand a high traffic environment. 

It can also be connected to the StoreMonitor cloud for advanced system and store performance reports and analytics.

In addition to these powerful features our systems are ECO MODE enabled. This power-saving tool helps you minimize electricity consumption which increases the lifespan of the system, saves costs, and is environmentally friendly.


  • StoreMonitor connectivity
  • Additional alarm outputs
  • RF ACE – Integrated doorbell
  • Tag too close indication
  • Power saving mode
  • ECO MODE enabled systems

    System specification

    Operating frequency  8.2 MHz
    Power NG MONO 18 V, AC 
    Power NG DUAL 24 V, DC     
    Power RF ACE 48 V, DC
    Consumption NG MONO, RF ACE 20 W
    Consumption NG DUAL 25 W


    Height 164.0 cm
    Width 37.8 cm
    Depth 5.5 cm
    Advertisement panel (h × w) 159.0 × 32.8 cm
    Weight NG MONO 9.0 kg
    Weight NG DUAL 10.1 kg
    Weight RF ACE 12.6 kg


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